Saturday, March 17, 2012

Simplification and Organization Continues

Last weekend on Saturday my energy was sky high and I decided to tackle a project that needed to be done but was causing me mental anxiety just thinking about it. The shed is and 8x8' space and up until last weekend I could hardly walk in the door. To say that my husband is unorganized in work areas is a bit of an understatement. His van and the shed were both complete disasters with items pilled high and stacked on top of each other so as not to create any space to move around. So enough complaining about it, last Satrday we took everything out and spread it all over the lawn, then I cleaned the floors and Alex put up more shelving then we carefully went through everything and decided whether it would be donated, recycled or kept, or trashed. The items that we kept were put back in the shed in an organized fashion with like items being together and each main grouping having a shelf or specifi spot. It looks lovely in there now and is so tidy it makes us both feel good.

Last year before winter Alex built a greenhouse for some plants we wanted to continue growing and for this spring. I put all the gardening and lawn tools in the greenhouse, which I think is a much more efficient use of space and time. Now when I want to get into a project in the yard I open the greenhouse and there are all my tools. Its neat and organized.

I have been on an organizing kick lately and I am really enjoying the extra energy that is being paid around the house and yard. It makes me feel so much better to look around and see that things have been paid attention to and are where I want them to be. Before this recent kick I would look around the house and there was tools in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and pretty much everywhere. Now I look around and all the cds and dvds are in there place, the books of frequent use are on the shelves in the living room. The shelving around the house is organized and not full of random items that I didn't know where else to put. It really feels good to pay some attention and give my mental and physical energy to my space. Now with all that said it looks like we will be moving away from this house and onto new adventures in the next couple months. Its strange because I feel like I finally have the space how I want it and an opportunity came along for us to move that will work out really well for us. Strange how that works?!

I feel like the newly organized space is going to make this move so much simpler and more organized than previous moves. I still have some simplifying to do in a couple more spaces in the house then it will be time to start packing up and moving on.

Do you find that when everything is organized its easier to live in your space? Do you like to move? How often do you move?

We have moved just about once a year since we got married. It gets quite stressful to move so often, I told Alex when we moved to where we are now maybe it would be good if we would stay here for a few years and now we will be moving again in spite of my best efforts. :)

I will really miss this place and our neighbors in particular, we have all developed really great relationships with our neighbors and I am going to really miss them. It is so nice to have neighbors you really like and hope that when you go outside you will see them and have the opportunity to visit.