Monday, December 19, 2011

Bioplasma Cell Salts

Well I didn't intend for this blog to be only about health related topics, it seems like this is where my mind is much of the time these days since it is winter and I have two small children. I am on the constant search for ways to keep them healthy and build up their immune system.

One way to do both that I was recently turned onto is Bioplasma Cell Salts by Hylands. From the research I have done bioplasma is a combination of the twelve cellular salts the needs for the best functioning of the body. My personal experience with bioplasma is that it has been very helpful to both my daughters as they have been recovering from a coughing virus. I started giving it to Bells originally for coughing attacks she was having during the night. These coughing attacks were preventing her from getting deep rest. I gave her the bioplasma up to every fifteen minutes and after a couple doses she was able to fall asleep and sleep for the remainder of the night. This happened for four nights in a row. I also gave it to Izy for coughing spells and it worked wonderfully for her too.

I finally bought a bottle from the health store and on the bottle it says give 4 tablets three times per day for optimal health. We started this today!

I am amazed at the various possibilities for obtaining your best health. It seems strange to me that the body would/could need such assistance however we do indeed live in different times. The levels of toxic exposures from air, water, food, and even housing materials is increasing therefore the human body in my view can use a little help.

On another note this Wednesday is my sweet Bells third birthday and I am so amazed by her more and more every day. She said she wants to make cupcakes for her birthday. I think if she helped to make and frost cupcakes only for her birthday she would be thrilled. She loves her sister so much and is very happy to spend time with her whenever she can. She is very fair and equitable in her thinking. She is incredibly sensitive to others energy and seems to be quite psychic. I am loving spending the mornings when Izy is at school with her and she likes it too. She really likes dolls and barbies and horses and she loves cats. Omar, our old orange boy, is not very amused by her strong affection for him and runs away every chance he gets. She is very petite and fairiesque. I am so proud of who she is working on becoming.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Essential Oils

Today I will talk about my love of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I was turned onto lavender and tea tree oil originally as they are very useful in daily life. For example lavender is great to use straight if you burn yourself while cooking. Tea tree is an excellent antiseptic so great for cuts and other skin type things. It turns out tea tree oil is one of the only natural cures for first point mersa infections. So it is wise to use tea tree oil on all cuts and wounds of the skin to prevent further infection.

While I am speaking of my love for essential oils I would like to discuss this wonderful company that sells pure therapeutic medicinal grade oils, this is young living. I do not personally sell these oils altough I would love to. The other evening I was having dinner at a friends house and it was coming close to bedtime for the girls and hb so said friend breaks out some Peace and Calming oil blend from Young Living and gives us all a smell and try. I was immediately ready for sleep.

All this comes to a giveaway that is happening on Cheeseslave's blog for two Young Living holiday oils, clove and peppermint. I encourage you to go check it out when you have a moment you just may win yourself some new oils. The web address is When I figure out how to make live links it will make linking up so much smoother...

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have this idea in my head that if you eat fairly healthy, drink fresh pure water, get regular exercise and limit toxicity exposure then health should flow in your direction. This idea is being tested this year with both of my children. My youngest daughter, Bells, has asthma and after trying to find a western medical remedy that worked to keep her coughing at bay, without continual success, we decided the alternative medical route may help. We went to a homeopath (Adrienne Elise at Freedom Homeopathy for locals) and began homeopathic treatment. Now I don't know how much you know about this sort of treatment so I will explain a little bit. Homeopathy was founded on the law of similars, my basic understanding is that when you have a struggle in the body there is a plant, mineral or animal that matches the bodies struggle and can offer healing. For Bells this has meant figuring out the appropriate remedy for her symptoms then giving it a try to see what happens. I have found this medicine to be incredibly effective at treating her asthma symptoms. After the treatment of Bells I decided to try it with Izy, as she is struggling with a longterm cough and did have strep throat. We, and I say we meaning Izy, Adrienne, and myself decided upon a remedy and started Izy on it. As far as I can tell she successfully came through strep A without antibiotic treatment and she seems stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually from having gone through it.

I want to say that for me, as a parent who has lost a child, this can be incredibly difficult to trust the inherent wisdom of the human form and trust that the lifeforce energy is strong and will untimately seek health. I struggle with this constantly as I truly believe that life breeds life, meaning the more energy you put into your life the more you can get from it. This is a philosophical dilemna for me as a parent and in general as a human. I believe this however it can be incredibly difficult and trying emotionally and otherwise to see your children, who you love and wanted to have for many years before they actually came into fruition, struggle with sickness and ill health for weeks and up to years. This is the dilemna of parenting in a "natural" fashion in my view. I am trying to trust in the universe when it has not necessarily given me reason to in the past. Well I suppose that is enough of my rambling for now. Blessings Be

Monday, December 12, 2011

Listen to Your Inner Voice

This is my first post on my new blog Jewels and Kids! I am so excited.
Tonight I would like to discuss the importance of listening to your body and treating your own voice with respect. I mention this because over the past few months I have been working on relearning how to do this exact thing. I have been struggling with a few physical problems namely my feet going numb and feeling dizzy on a regular basis. I at first ignored it, then tried to figure out the cause after none of these methods seemed to work I waited. I had a wakeup call about two weeks ago while driving, I became very dizzy and wondered if it was safe to go on driving. Thankfully it went away quickly however feeling quite nervous I called the doctor. I went in last Friday, which brings me to the present. It turns out I had a pretty good ear infection churning. Of course I wanted to avoid antibiotics as they kill all the good and bad bacteria in the body. I thought well I will give homeopathy a try, it has worked well in the past, let me test it again. So far after four doses and three days I am feeling much recovered. The dizziness is virtually dissappeared excepting a minor episode at Target, which could happen to anyone, it seems cleared. All this is to say that our (my) bodies give us signs about what is going on and if we choose to listen and try to figure it out rather than ignore the signs preventing extended harm and illness is possible and even likely.