Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Children and Innocence

Isyss & Bella, 2012
Children and Innocence
The other day the girlies were outside playing and my neighbor and I were chatting.  I try not to push my ideas about what children should be wearing and should not be wearing onto the girlies, this often leads to periods of naked time.  I think that it is good especially for little girls to run around naked, I think it helps them to feel comfortable with their body.  My neighbor mentioned that her son, who is six, looked over at the house the other day and said "oh, I can't look over there." He wanted to close the windows because my girls were running around naked, this frustrated me.  I said he is too young to be thinking like that and ended the conversation. 

I feel like in this time in the world there is so much pressure for children to grow up and act mature and adultlike.  I find as a parent it is something that is very easy to encourage children to do. Its almost as if their innocence and living in the moment is too much for us parents to handle and we try to squash it as quickly as possible.  I don't know if this is true or not but it is a thought that I am mulling around. This conversation with my neighbor brought up an issue that I have been working on in myself of growing up too soon and feeling like my childlike bliss was not acceptable.

Childhood and Parenting
Recently I have been thinking about my childhood and wondering how it is affecting my parenting and my abilities to understand the girlies.  This came about due to some work that I am doing with Adrienne Elise of the Intuitive Empowerment Institute  I had a session with Adrienne a couple weeks ago where I was exploring a pain that I have been having in my third chakra, the solar plexus, center of self esteem, and empowerment.  This pain has been going on for many years and lately has increased.

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During the session I had a few images from my childhood emerge and they were powerful images from a time in my life that was very difficult and painful. I immediately closed off and did not want to process through the experiences I was having.  I realized, after some thought and discussion with my mom and others, pain from childhood is real and is best to be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise it can become this physical issue that can affect the whole of our being and create serious pain and suffering.  I also realized that as parents the best option is to attempt to deal with our own issues when they come up because children are sensitive and often times will take on our pain and suffering because they know nothing else. 

Fruit of Labors
So I ask myself how did I come to this deep topic of discussion from a simple review of a conversation with my neighbor. The reality for me is that everything is interconnected and this conversation with my neighbor brought up some issues that I have been dealing with but didn't realize was affecting my parenting and my daily life.  I attempt to parent in a conscious and aware fashion and often times fail miserably at both.  I want my daughters to be secure in who they are and to walk around naked if they so desire, especially as young girls.  I want to be secure in who I am and to expose myself emotionally and spiritually to myself and others that I so choose.  This is the key I have realized is that in order to be the best parent I can be I must heal myself from the inside out. This is the true struggle for my daily life and parenting is the work on my own inner health.

For many years I thought that the best way to come to a space of health was from the outside looking in.  I thought that if I spent much of my time helping others to be the best they can be that I would automatically become healthier as a byproduct.  Now I realize that this faulty thinking is a problem.  I must work to heal my own wounds from childhood and from past lives in order to be healthy and strong.  This may seem obvious to some but for me it has taken many years  to come to this realization.

How then does this change my daily life and parenting of my two beautiful girls. I have been becoming the person I always wanted, accepting of differences, attempting clarity within myself,
seeing beauty in the pain and the ease of life, wondering, floating through the space time continuum that I have created for myself, grounding in earth power, knowing that I am loved and I love, of myself and those around me, knowing the power I hold within my self to create and to heal with Love, Love, Love