Friday, December 16, 2011

Essential Oils

Today I will talk about my love of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I was turned onto lavender and tea tree oil originally as they are very useful in daily life. For example lavender is great to use straight if you burn yourself while cooking. Tea tree is an excellent antiseptic so great for cuts and other skin type things. It turns out tea tree oil is one of the only natural cures for first point mersa infections. So it is wise to use tea tree oil on all cuts and wounds of the skin to prevent further infection.

While I am speaking of my love for essential oils I would like to discuss this wonderful company that sells pure therapeutic medicinal grade oils, this is young living. I do not personally sell these oils altough I would love to. The other evening I was having dinner at a friends house and it was coming close to bedtime for the girls and hb so said friend breaks out some Peace and Calming oil blend from Young Living and gives us all a smell and try. I was immediately ready for sleep.

All this comes to a giveaway that is happening on Cheeseslave's blog for two Young Living holiday oils, clove and peppermint. I encourage you to go check it out when you have a moment you just may win yourself some new oils. The web address is When I figure out how to make live links it will make linking up so much smoother...


  1. I am hoping to learn more about essential oils in the coming year. Hope to read more about it on your blog.

  2. I also love essential oils! Keep in mind though, Tea Tree oil is not good for pets. Although it is in a lot of pet products, it can be toxic. Lavender is always an excellent choice for almost any ailment. :)