Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have this idea in my head that if you eat fairly healthy, drink fresh pure water, get regular exercise and limit toxicity exposure then health should flow in your direction. This idea is being tested this year with both of my children. My youngest daughter, Bells, has asthma and after trying to find a western medical remedy that worked to keep her coughing at bay, without continual success, we decided the alternative medical route may help. We went to a homeopath (Adrienne Elise at Freedom Homeopathy for locals) and began homeopathic treatment. Now I don't know how much you know about this sort of treatment so I will explain a little bit. Homeopathy was founded on the law of similars, my basic understanding is that when you have a struggle in the body there is a plant, mineral or animal that matches the bodies struggle and can offer healing. For Bells this has meant figuring out the appropriate remedy for her symptoms then giving it a try to see what happens. I have found this medicine to be incredibly effective at treating her asthma symptoms. After the treatment of Bells I decided to try it with Izy, as she is struggling with a longterm cough and did have strep throat. We, and I say we meaning Izy, Adrienne, and myself decided upon a remedy and started Izy on it. As far as I can tell she successfully came through strep A without antibiotic treatment and she seems stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually from having gone through it.

I want to say that for me, as a parent who has lost a child, this can be incredibly difficult to trust the inherent wisdom of the human form and trust that the lifeforce energy is strong and will untimately seek health. I struggle with this constantly as I truly believe that life breeds life, meaning the more energy you put into your life the more you can get from it. This is a philosophical dilemna for me as a parent and in general as a human. I believe this however it can be incredibly difficult and trying emotionally and otherwise to see your children, who you love and wanted to have for many years before they actually came into fruition, struggle with sickness and ill health for weeks and up to years. This is the dilemna of parenting in a "natural" fashion in my view. I am trying to trust in the universe when it has not necessarily given me reason to in the past. Well I suppose that is enough of my rambling for now. Blessings Be


  1. MamaJewel, I am sending positive energy your way, for you, Bells and Izy. Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Beings. Infinite love harmonizes your entire being. The healing currents of life flow through each of you.

  2. I think it's great that you are searching for natural remedies for your girls. Just to throw this out there, my son has(had) asthma too and when I took him off of wheat, the constant coughing stopped. You may want to consider food allergies as a possible cause. Continued blessings!