Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Past Lives and Paranormal Activity and other strange unseens

When I was pregnant with my Iz, my oldest daughter, I had the opportunity to have a regression, which is basically a way to go back in time and examine your life. During my first regression I was given the opportunity to go back to past lives and to the other side. During these experiences I learned so much about life and the beauty and everlasting nature of the soul and really the overall beauty that is the soul. Last night I was talking with someone about paranormal activity and some experiences this person had with spirits and the fear that can be associated with these interactions. I remembered about a few places my husband and I have lived that had some modicum of paranormal activity. For whatever reason it didn't bother me much, I am not usually afraid by the unknown and am usually more curious. Alex was very bothered in the house we lived in when I was pregnant with Iz. He often felt as though the house was "haunted" and he would experience very bizarre things there. The funny thing about the house is that a previous owner built the house and there was a mycofungi (sp) room in the basement for growing mushrooms. This was our storage area. Alex did not enjoy the basement and would rarely go down there. It didn't usually bother me except on the rare occasion that wierd noises would occur when I was alone in the house. I remember this one dream I had where a man came to visit me and said he lived in the house and was telling me about some experiences he had there. I found that to be very interesting. So all this brings me to my conversation and how fascinating it is that people have such varied perspectives on the spirit world. What are your perspectives on the spirit world? Do you believe in past lives and reincarnation? How do you feel about regression?

Apparently it is very uncommen for pregnant women to have regressions, something about being in the here and now. I felt this deep desire within myself to have a regression and I am so thrilled that I listened as the things I learned during those sessions have helped me in so many ways since having Iz. I was written about in a book by Diane Morrin, the therapist I saw for the past life regressions. One of the things I deeply appreciated about Diane is that she is a trained therapist and she offered hypnotherapy and regression as a method of helping people with the issues they struggle with. She said it is one of the fastest and easiest methods of therapy there is. People usually need about three or four two hour sessions and they are feeling much better. I love that! This was my experience as well.

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  1. I most definitely believe we have been here before and will be again.
    Glad you had a healing experience...