Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simplification continued

Last week my mom was visiting, I forgot how nice it is to have grandma around, the girls are over the moon with Grammy. It truly makes life simpler to have family close. If we could make it work for the longterm we would love it!

Since my mom was in town we decided to take full advantage of her massive organizing and simpliflying skillset to work on the spare room/office. Mom and I cleaned out about fifteen boxes of stuff and organized everything else in the room. The girls have a playroom now and I have a space that is pleasant to work in. It feels so good to have accomplished it. This room has bEn on my list for a long time. I finally decided I wanted to turn it into a playroom for the girls and it has been the bet thing. Every day the girls are in there doing crafts and just in general entertaining themselves. I wonder what took me so long, the freedom I am experiencing is so wonderful! Wow, its amazing what one night can change with the right tools, right people, and the right mindset.

Now, after that room I have a plan for the big bedroom. I am really excited to work on it more, if I can find the time. I have started by getting reid of one dresser, next is some clot diapers and then a few other things and I am ready to start beauitifying! This is my favorite part!

Have you been working on any simplifying?

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  1. Hey Mama Jewel! We are ALWAYS working on simplifying around here. It sounds like you had a really productive visit. Enjoy your new space and your new freedom.