Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meal Planning?! and other stuff

I have this idea that planning meals is the sign of a very organized and put together household. My household is not organized nor put together therefore planning our meals for a week or so has been a stated goal of mine. I start off really good when I decide to start planning meals then shit hits the fan and it all falls apart after a few days up to a week. Recently I have decided to try a new route to cooking dinners and other meals too. Since starting the weightloss class my time available in the kitchen has been drastically reduced. The first week of the class we ate out, at the local grocery store, more times than I care to recall. So last week something had to change. I cooked one night then the next night we had leftovers and again the third night I cooked then leftovers. By the fifth night I was ready for a change so we ate burritos out. I am trying out giving up bread and some other flourish products so I had a "naked" burrito. It was so good I don't know if I will go back to regular burritos.

For breakfast we pretty much have the same thing everyday eggs, some sort of meat and the girlies and Alex have toast. I have a large mug of steaming hot Tipu's Chai Tea, my absolute favorite beverage of all time, and water too. It gets a little boring around here in the morning. Occasionally Alex will make oatmeal, which in case you were wondering, I do not enjoy AT ALL! I really don't like oatmeal its like sacrilege or something but its not for me. For lunch I will make the girls a pb and homemade jelly sandwich or some soup or ... I really like to eat out for lunch, its terrible in so many ways but I like to go to the local health store and eat a large salad or something from the delicious deli bar. If you live in Missoula you probably know already about the Good Food Store, we spend way too much money there, its awesome!!

This week I am planning on doing the same thing cooking one day eating leftovers the next... I made chili this weekend with properly soaked beans on Sunday and yesterday we had "taco" chili salad. The girlies and Alex were not impressed?! In case you were wondering what a chili taco salad is, I chopped up a bunch of cabbage and lettuce, put a large scoop of chili on top, shredded cheese, homemade salsa, and veganaise because we were out of sour cream. Then I crushed up some tortilla chips on top and wallah!! I thought it was delicious! :)

On a completely different note, last night was the Chinese New Year and the New moon. I don't know if you are into all the astrology/new moon/full moon stuff, I find it fascinating. I love thinking about the gravitational pull of the moon and how it affects the cyclical (sp?) Nature of the world. It seems women in particular are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon. I love to think about how our ancestors were so close to the earth that the women would all cycle around the new moon and were then fertile around the full moon. That is pretty cool stuff energetically. Last night I went to a female empowerment workshop. It was really transformative in my emotional state. I felt so out of control and really pretty rotten yesterday. I went last night. We meditated on the female organs for approximately and hour and a half. Today I feel much refreshed and ready to start the day! I love meditating in a group, especially of all women, it is such a lovely experience emotionally and spiritually.

I know not everyone is into meditating; I really enjoy it and find it to be such a wonderful release from the stresses of life and the human form.

I wanted to make a quick note that I received a sort of interesting comment on my cookware post from a Dupont Teflon representative, she claims that teflon is perfectly safe and that there are no risk factors associated with the use of nonstick cookware. I found this very interesting that someone who represents dupont and teflon products would be bothered enough by my post to write a comment. I appreciate the fact that it takes all types for the world to go round and regardless of whether nonstick cookware is "safe" or not I much prefer the feel and cooking ability of cast iron and stainless steel I do stand behind my previous post about teflon nonstick type cookware I just wanted to reply to the comment here.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Do you meal plan? How do you do it? Have you ever meditated and what do you like or dislike about it?

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