Friday, January 20, 2012


The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Clean, and Rachel was talking about simplifying her life by simplifying and decluttering her home. This really struck a cord with me because lately when I look around my house I see piles and messes all over the place. Some of it is mine and some of it from the other members of my family. I have started going through the girls room, clearing up toys that aren't being played with or are broken and putting up older toys so the new can be thoroughly enjoyed. I have been working on it for a few days and I am starting to notice a difference in the overall feel in there. Next I want to find time to go through clothes and clean those up. The bins are overflowing and it appears as if there are always a few items remaining after the end of a week or so that just sit. I find with my girlies if the clothes are sitting in the drawer and they would rather wear dirty clothes it may be a sign that those items need a new home. I also started working on my own room. I have much work to do in there, not only purging but also cleaning and beautifying. If you go over to Rachels blog she posted about beautifyinh your space after you have purged and cleaned up. This is the step I love the most so often times I like to skip the other two. This is not a good plan in case you were thinking about doing it.

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and never finished it for publishing so figured I would add on the current status of simplyfying. I went through the girlies room and cleared out a large box of toys and it seems more manageable on that front. The clothing is what is next in their room. I cleaned out two drawers of clothes from my drawers and have many to go. I lost a little momentum when I started the weight loss class. It takes up much of my free time and housework and simplifying are taking a back shelf. I feel so good physically and have lost five pounds in two weeks. I have a little over a hundred to lose to five pounds every two weeks is pretty reasonable. I am moderately sore much of the time in my muscles, this feels good for a change. I am tracking my calories on livestrong and its going well there too. I have given up bread so far although not all flour products. That is one mini goal I have is to give up ll flour products for a while and see what happens. I have recently been missing bread so I am looking for a substitute, especially with breakfast, maybe oats. I will keep updates on this aspect of my life on facebook regularly and here when I can.

With the extra time being taken with the class I have been making dinner earlier and falling asleep as soon as I finish with the class and the girlies go to sleep. It is nice in some ways and not so in others. I am much more tired but also more energized. That doesn't make any sense, however it all seems to depend on what I eat during the day. Weird and not so weird?!

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