Saturday, January 21, 2012


I find that cookware can be a sensitive topic in some households. My favorite cookware is cast iron and when that doesn't seem fitting for the job, stainless steel is my next choice. I was a diehard teflon coated cookware fan for years until I started doing some research when a friend told me teflon is toxic. He told me that when teflon pans start to wear out and flake off it gets in your food and then you eat it. The body doesn't know what to do with teflon and it can cause some serious problems over time. I was so irritated when this friend bought me a stainless steel pan with a lid from the thrift store. Like I said diehard teflon cookware fan! A year or so later I had to replace a couple pans that were wearing out and by this time I was smartening up. I got a stainless steel pan then a cast iron one. Now this brings me to the idea for this post and where it came from. I follow a blog called Kelly the Kitchen Kop and she is hosting a giveaway for a Le Creuset frying pan. I have long coveted Le Creuset cookware however find the $100 to $300 pricetag far above my pricerange. If I could afford it or find it at the thrift store I would love an entire set of Le Creuset cookware. Ahhh, that would be lovely! What kind of cookware do you use? Are you aware of the teflon debate? Any other thoughts on cookware?

Go check out the giveaway, its a great one!


  1. I replaced all of our nonstick cookware last year. All stainless. I agree that Le Crueset would be a wonderful addition to any kitchen!

  2. I have a hard time with stainless steel because I am too in patient to let it heat up properly before throwing something in it! When I worked at a gourmet food store, we sold a lot of Anodized Aluminum pans. No teflon coating here and still non-stick like teflon. They also heat up evenly across the pan. Calphalon is a good brand for these.